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Monday, November 10, 2008

Kenmore Square (Boston) kids going crazy for Obama win

Harvard Yard celebrating Obama win

Grant Park. Obama Wins.

Hampshire College on Obama win night

Seattle Gay Bar turns speakers outwards on Obama Victory. Resulting dance party.

DC. Obama. Victory night.

Santa Cruz and the Obama win

Obama's victory night win in Baltimore

Obama's win in Richmond

Obama's win in Madision

Cambridge celebrati ng Obama's win

Hotlanta (Atlanta) upon Obama's win

Obama's election night win in Portland

Obama announced winner in Boston

LA loves President Obama!

UF (Gainesville) celebrating Obama's victory

Philly after Obama's victory is announced

Oakland off the chain after Obama wins

Rutgers (New Brunswick) on night of Obama win

Boulder celebrates Obama win

Obama victory night — San Francisco

Austin on Obama victory

Seattle on Obama victory

Times Square on Obama victory

Colin Powel emotional response to Obama victory