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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Monster Catfish

Growing up in Florida, I have heard my share of "monster catfish" stories, tales in which catfish exist "big enough to swallow a man whole." Considering the size of catfish I have seen (and even caught) myself cane-fishing on Lake Seminole, in Seminole, FL, and all the way down to the Florida Everglades, I always judged these tales to true, and based in reality somewhere down the line.

Nonetheless, they are some big catfish!



Sordes said...

Well, the fish on the photo above are actually european wels catfish of the species Silurus glanis. They grow much larger than the american species and can reach in excess lengths of nearly 3m and weights of about 300 pounds. Pictures of wels catfish are often declared as american catfish in the internet, but those monsters are in general all from the river Po, Italy, where the largest ones come from.

Nathan said...

those are some bigggggg cats

Nathan said...

those are some big cats