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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Dolphin Minds, Thinkers of the Deep

This is the post I have been waiting for, something that elaborates on the unusual intelligence of dolphins.

See, dolphins are proto-humans, that is, creatures early in their own human* development.

Link via Reddit.

*Important note. I use the term human here in a context parallel to Orson Scott Card's Utlanning, Framiling, Ramen, Varelse divination of human kinds, ie...

Utlanning- A human we recognize as part of our same world and species, yet from another town or country.

Framling- A human we recognize as part of our same species, yet from another world or planet.

Ramen- When a lifeform is considered human, but is of another species. Being able to think and behave at a human level and act civilized.

Varelse- A creature with whom communication is impossible. If such a creature is belligerent, then it is the only time when war is truly unavoidable and necessary.

It is my deepest impression that human is an unlimited state of being, and that homo sapien is merely a single expression of the kind, human.

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