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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Update: Computer Drive for Students of Brampton Primary, Trelawney Parish, Jamaica

Our "weekend" computer drive is entering its third week. Today, we got yet another desktop PC. Yesterday, a laptop arrived in the mail....from Wisconsin! [See below]

When we began this, I had no expectations. As I stated previously, seeing as there are so many computers either laying around—or worse, being thrown away—any number of which I see day-to-day while on rounds making repairs on them for clients and friends island-wide, as well as how wonderful the people are with whom I work here on the island, my hopes were high.

Here's where we stand: As of this morning, eight computers, four printers, fifteen monitors, two scanners, and a box of random accessories. That's four desktop PCs, two desktop Macs, and two laptop PCs. ollege students/summer residents/computer geniuses Daniel and Ben have begun piecing them into cleaned and functioning independent workstations.

What now? Well, now that we have really got this ball rolling, it is my belief we can get seven more computers. In fact, if the three others which have been promised materialize, then we are just four short of goal!

That would be the total to fifteen workstations for ninety students. Clearly, this this is exactly the right number to get things rolling for students who have yet to use a computer much less use Google! Fifteen will entire classes to make use of them together and at one time.

So I post this to let everyone know what a fantastic success we have had so far, and to remind everyone who thought of recycling their old computer that we are having the drive one more weekend, and to spark anyone else who may know of anyone else who has an unused computer that could be put to good use. And one of the most important "R's" of recycling is re-use!

We are accepting computers, software, and peripherals again all week-long at Conch Town Cafe [map link] at 801 Thomas Street, across from Blue Heaven Restaurant. As a matter of fact, pictured here is Conch Town Cafe and Lincoln Thomas (whose wife is a teacher at Brampton Primary, and who had the inspiration for the drive in the first place).

Or , if you would prefer—and can resist having an excuse to stop-by and pick-up one of Conch Town Cafe's Jamaican curries or some maybe some conch salad—I will come to you, and that unused or discarded computer can be picked up.

To me, this is such a great effort. When I see all this gear that may have been wasted or lost to a landfill instead being made good important use of, I get really charged! All the people who are helping to make this happen, you're the best!

Lastly, while all the contributions are wonderful and appreciated, this laptop holds a special place in my heart. Watch the video and you'll see why:

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