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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Seiji Osumi is to Dolphins what Infamous Nazi Experimenter Sigmund Rascher was to Homo Sapiens

Usually nazi analogies fall flat with me. They are often generalizations and gross over-statements. Unfortunately for all compassionate people everywhere, in the situation I have been outlining here such an analogy is all too appropriate. Indeed, Seiji Osumi's experiments on dolphins are all to parallel with what Sigmund Rascher did to others - people of all kinds - in World War II.

Seiji Osumi is a sadistic stooge for individuals, companies, and agencies who opportunistically kill whales and dolphins who is operating under the misnomer of "scientist doing research." He and the so-called Institute for Cetacean Research kill whales and dolphins under the auspice of "research," and then sells off the carcasses for wholesaling and processing on the commercial market. (So much so and so unpopularly that a glut of whale meat now exists for no good reason. I repeat, a glut of whale meat.) This would be like doing research on homo sapiens by catching homo sapiens, and then torturing and killing homo sapiens, and then selling homo sapiens to homo sapiens as "human burgers" under the pretense of "doing good for mankind." It's bad, it's unhealthy, and it's all to clearly wrong.

And in case there is any questions that Four-Fin the Dolphin is being maltreated, below is the link to the CBS video of Seiji Osumi's Institute for Cetacean Research co-operatives thuggishly man-handling (how woefully appropriate is that term here) Four-Fin to force display his of the dolphin's extra fins for the camera.

Seiji Osumi is the same guy who traveled from Japan to the Caribbean to encourage others to hunt whales. The rest of the world gets it: Whales are intelligent, and possibly in a manner which is utterly different than our humankind's!

Link to story and video.

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