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Monday, November 06, 2006

Seiji Osumi, Release Four-Fin the Dolphin!

Today, news of a dolphin with extra fins being turned over to Seiji Osumi at the so-called Institute of Cetacean Research came across my desk. Knowing Japan to be the least cetacean aware nation claiming to be a world power, and concerned for the health and well-being of this unique dolphin, I researched Osumi and the institute.

First, at wikipedia, I found that the non-profit ICR is funded by Kyodo Senpaku, a for-profit whale "processor" and commercial dealer of products made from whales. Kyodo Senpaku formed Kyodo Hogei, which was the company founded by the consolidation of three predecessors whale hunting departments of Japanese fisheries, Nihon Suisan, Taiyo Gyogyo, and Kyokuyo Hogei.

Here's how it works. Japan uses the ICR to "collect" whale and cetacea samples "for scientific research," thus claiming to be in line with the agreed upon guidelines of the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling.

However, that's all subterfuge. The ICR then sells the healthy whale to processor/wholesaler, Kyodo Senpaku. Most telling about this relationship is the process which brought the ICR to exist. In 1987, the ICR came into being the same year Kyodo Senpaku opened for business, courtesy of a tax-deductible 1,250 mil. yen ($9.6 million dollar) "donation," as well as 346.2 million yen ($2.6 million) from Japan's Fisheries Agency.) Kyodo Senpaku makes sure whale "bacon" is on the market, yet the Japanese government has the gall to claim to be innocent of any breach of international whale treaty! Indeed, people are using whale meat for dog treats!

The worst part yet is that the ICR's Seiji Osumi is actually the Sigmund Rascher of whales and dolphins, perpetrating a pseudoscience, eugenics program upon cetaceankind under the cover of scientific research and "sustainable harvesting."

Now, last week, a dolphin with the distinction of being born with four fins instead of two was turned over to the ICR's Seiji "Rascher" Osumi, who has announced most annoyingly that it is an "evolutionary throwback" and "remains from the time when dolphins' ancient ancestors lived on land." Possibly true or not, this is bad science because Seiji Osumi is no scientist, he is a fabulist and an exploiter. And all this I learned in just an hour of quality googling.

The dolphin Four-Fin who is now being tortured by bad human Seiji Osumi is a unique and possibly interesting being. Capture by Japanese fishermen was it bad fortune. (According to Margaux Dodd, director of the charity Marine Connection, 'Four-Fin the dolphin' was one of 150 caught in a dolphin drive hunt used to catch them for the commercial market. "Others caught with him were sold to marine centres or slaughtered," she said.) But must it be sentenced to suffering or vivisection (hey, it's in the name of science!) of the Cetacean Eugenist Osumi's limited mentality?

SET 'FOUR-FIN' FREE! Contact ICR and let them know, "Seiji is a criminal!'

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