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Friday, September 05, 2008

Hurricane Ike, Key West, FL

Here's what's up with Ike. Everyone I know from here is already getting there stuff together. Looking like it's going to hit is not how I gauge storms; how the other people I know who aren't just "from here," but actually have a feel for the place are like living barometers. We wake up everyday knowing things that simmer just under the conscious. It's what I called my "under-mind" this morning talking to Eric D. He knows boats and water as good as anyone around here. And when I told him I was already jumping through hoops, he asked me why I thought this storm was any different. I told him it was in my under-conscious. He said, "Trust your under-conscious." That was enough for me. It meant he was feeling something suspect, as well. Better safe than sorry when it comes to hurricanes.

I have two boats out in the water, on heavy moorings, Navy chains strung across the harbor about a century ago to catch big Navy ships that dragged because of storms. Each link is the size of my hand. And I have big hands. So, I'm doing work on my already-strong lines, adding plenty of chafe gear (old firehose cut into sections and z-tied in place). And I am extending the line I have out from about 100 feet to 150. Even so, with winds of 150, I don't know what to expect. I'm nervous. I'm bringing in the stuff that is irreplaceable.

That's the report. It is bright and shiny and lovely outside today. That will last through Saturday, maybe Sunday. Unless the scary storm changes its path, Sunday afternoon, Monday it should get dark and breezy.

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