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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Mike on Hurricane Ike, Key West—Sunday at Sunset

Yesterday evening, late, before bed I was talking with my good friend Cliff the Weaver, and looking at the weather report. Somehow, it seemed like it was Sunday instead of Saturday. And according to the report, winds would start blowing by 7AM. To be honest, I was freaking out a little: There was still so much left to do!

Cliff made me look again. Oh, I see, there is still a day to go! It was a sudden lift of weight.

To be honest, there was only a bunch of little stuff to do. But all of it was important. Because in a hurricane, it's the little stuff that counts. For instance, one of my sailboats for which I am responsible needed chafe gear. That's portions of firehouse chopped and wrapped around the contact point of the anchor line that rubs on the boat. In a storm, that contact point becomes a weak point from all the bucking the boat will do from the wind and waves.

Another thing I had to do was get my personal belongings that were important to me to shore. Since I live on boats, that means all the tools and books and food and clothes stay. What comes ashore are papers, affects, writing, data, and legal (certificates, ID, receipts, etc.) The key here is to select what's important ie not replaceable and then hoping for the best for the rest.

So that's why the details count. I want my stuff to have the best chance of making it through unscathed and intact as I can provide. Even out on the water.

On land, nearly all the stores are closed, most restaurants, and some bars. Naturally, this being Key West, there are always bars open. Even I had a cold draft beer this evening. After all the work of the past two days, it was what hit the spot.

It's two AM. I just finished watching Serenity (again). I'm ready for bed. Tomorrow/today is the big day. In fact, as calm and warm and just absolutely perfect as it has been all day, right now the wind just started to stir in that way that says that it's time.

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