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Friday, September 19, 2008

Obama Sign-Making Party and Voter Registration at Blue Heaven Today

And footmarch through the streets and down Duval in support of OBAMA at 6PM! Read on...

Today at Blue Heaven, from 12 PM to 5PM, we are gathering to hand-make our own Obama for President signs.

Our goal is to have children and adults come by, voters and non-voters, and by making our signs encourage a sense of ownership for the direction of our futures.

At the beginning of the presidential campaign, I was for Dennis Kucinich. Then, after the primary, I was for Hilary Clinton. Therefore, having followed my conscience all the way through, it has been with the greatest ease of conscience I am able to endorse Barack Obama for president.

When Suanne Kitchar suggested to me the idea of a sign-making, I was immediately thrilled by the idea. For me, America as a is more than just voters. It is all of us. In fact, America is limited by boundaries. For me, the ideals I have learned, and absorbed over time—such as truth and justice, liberty, the pursuit of happiness—extend beyond boundaries of land. They even extend beyond the boundaries of cliche!

For me, these ideals are real in the way life is real.

Barack Obama is not the embodiment of them. He is a man, and a professional, and a Democrat, and a politician, and a candidate. And with all those failings—mortal as all of us—he understands life's true value. And it is not money, power, or fame.

It is hope.

Yesterday, Suanne went to see Obama speak in Miami. But as luck would have it, the Key West contingency of women who journeyed together for the occasion were invited to sit behind and to the sides of Barack Obama at the podium. And after waiting three hours for the speech, and after seeing him and hearing him just feet away from this individual who has come to embody the hope for the future, as luck would have it, she met the man. She was there and she shook his hand. Here's the video of the speech. (And here.) (Update: And here.) Suanne is at 3 o'clock. You can see the sign that says "KEY WEST MOMS for OBAMA". She's next to that.

Whatever happens from here on out, Barack Obama's place in history is sealed. But what can happen from here on out will determine the direction of our planet's future.

And sometimes things do work out in the most unexpected ways. In fact, whenever things work out, it is always unexpected.

Barack Obama is unexpected.

Join Suanne and I and our friends at Blue Heaven from 12PM to 5PM as we enjoy fellowship and conversation while entertaining the idea of a hope-filled future. Kids welcome. Non-voters welcome. People who have been sitting on the fence welcome. Supporters welcome. It's a Obama sign-making party, and everyone is welcome. There will be materials and refreshments. (Or bring your own boards, and use our paints. Any extra materials are welcome!)

Then meet up with us at Blue Heaven, the corner of Thomas and Petronia, as we go for a walk with our new Obama signs.

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