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Monday, September 08, 2008

Pre-Hurricane Ike, Key West from the top of La Concha

Recorded a few hours ago, it is amazing how terrific the weather continues to be. What's the point of technology? I mean, yes, we get it, a hurricane is coming. But all the hullabaloo about that resulted in stress when this is the third false alarm this year!

Anyhow, it is starting to get breezier, I am happy no hurricane is coming (right?), and this is my report.

Today, everyone just went around and saw everyone. It was like a real intimate and small town scene. The reporters are all in place, most businesses are closed, and it's like an enforced vacation. Work that is non-hurricane related is all pretty much off the table. I get calls to come to hang-out.

It has taken me all day to post this, some sort of glitch on various DSL lines. But I wanted everyone to see what we are having while traditional media hogs the spotlight with infotainment: Impending doom is okay I guess if it's just for show.

Anyhow, all of us are expecting some wind tonite, standing by.

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